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Who We Are

With an Engineer, a Lawyer, and an IT Legend, The only limitation is your imagination!

  • Colin Gribben (Legal Expert): Colin’s legal background is invaluable. With nearly a decade of experience in the industry, he knows the ins and outs of legal compliance. Colin ensures that our platform adheres to all legal requirements, from user agreements to privacy policies. His expertise allows us to create a safe and compliant environment for both job seekers and task posters. Colin also oversees dispute resolution, ensuring fair outcomes for all parties involved.

  • Josiah Shaver (Civil Engineer): Josiah’s experience in civil engineering brings a fresh perspective. Having inspected bridges in various urban areas, he understands the importance of practical solutions. His passion for accessibility and urban planning directly influences our app’s design. Josiah advocates for features that benefit marginalized communities, such as accessible job listings, fair wages, and safe work environments. His insights help us bridge the gap between technology and real-world impact.

  • Richard Morris (IT Solution Architect): Richard’s IT expertise drives our technical infrastructure. With years of experience overseeing global IT organizations at IBM, he knows how to build robust systems. Richard designs the app’s architecture, scalability, and security. He ensures seamless user experiences, efficient job matching algorithms, and reliable payment systems. His collaboration with Josiah results in an intuitive user interface that balances functionality and ease of use.

Together, our diverse team combines legal acumen, social consciousness, and technical prowess to build an odd jobs app that truly makes a difference. We’re committed to fostering trust, opportunity, and safety for everyone involved.

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Our Mission

At JobDash, our mission is to connect people in the gig economy, making odd job opportunities accessible to everyone.

We strive to create a community of individuals who value flexibility and diverse skill sets, enabling them to engage in various odd job opportunities.

Core Values


We are committed to continuously innovating and improving the JobDash platform to meet the evolving needs of our users.


Transparency is at the core of our operations. We believe in fostering trust and openness within our community.


JobDash is dedicated to providing an accessible platform where individuals can easily find odd job opportunities and connect with others in the gig economy.

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